Mistakes In a Ghostly Home EP

by Everyone's Heart

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our first draft of our CD Mistakes In a Ghostly Home, full CD will be done this summer!


released March 29, 2011

Dan McDonough, Bonus Room Records
We'd like to thank Dan for taking the time to let us record with him on and off this past year and all the time he's spent helping us out! Thanks so much man

Also, we would like to thank Cat Forester for doing our album artwork! Our full and complete album will include more of her work!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who is supporting us by downloading our music!

Cody Bowers, Andrew Puffenbarger, Mat Cloak, Dan McDonough - music




Everyone's Heart Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Introductory
Pulp Fiction
Track Name: Oregon Trail
There's a tree that stands
Over my house and
It keeps me safe inside, behind it's eyes
My family and I

I would like to go
Out and explore the open road
But the things I've seen are far from clean
and I can never break free

We traveled We settled We made our families
From the dirt we grow
We live in the desert next to the forest
Never felt more at home

My boots fill with sand
As I pace this land
The earth is warm and I can hear the Lord
He whispers when it storms

I hear life at night
Drink by fire side
I strum a tune that makes the moon and lakes
Shine like the sun
Track Name: Towards the Sun
With my face lit by sun
Running from canyons
And my feet pointed straight towards home

Not just another summer day alone
With a face of fear and sweat,
And dirt in my lungs

My brother bleeding where I left him
'Til help could come

Is there any way that you could help me out right now?
Oh, great father
I know I've never truly prayed until right now
But what good is a doctor
My family used to settle on Mojave's grounds
Speak to me, speak to me
The voices of a past generation sound
And I'm forever grateful, I'm forever awed
I'm forever grateful, I'm forever awed

Don't you worry brother
I would die for you
He said, "Go get father,
head west with haste the sun sets soon"

If I die...
I won't die
Track Name: Bags
Feelings are so hard to find
When seeing into the clouded sky
And falling so closely behind
Listen hear you me

I am not the only one
Even water needs the sun
It leaves the ground dry when its done
You are leaving me
Track Name: Bite My Lip
I run run run and now I’m underwater
One path was just not enough of an offer
But love is hard and life is even harder
Well I had a girl but then I guess I lost her

I hope she is there up around the corner
I don’t need a prayer but a hand upon my shoulder
I asked why you said you liked me
With stars in my eyes, you spoke politely

I hide when I hear your name
And I try but I can’t face up to your face

Well I bite my lip I don’t feel better
I’m older, older, older, tanned like leather
In the mornings you’d get me from home
In the mornings you’d give my day hope

In the morning I could’ve chased you
In the morning I just embraced you
Out by the hill behind the bad construction
I held your chest we both were broken

I hide when I hear your name
And I try but I can’t face up to your face

Wandering streams are you better?
Cuz I have seen a dream upon my ladder
Track Name: Black Bear
Hide in night and sleep
Catch a meal to eat
Fish are swimming upstream
You will be at it's mouth

I saw your teeth, I heard your roar
I was scared, I shut the door
Before long you broke it down
You made me laugh a bitter sound
You led me right into the trees
You made me see what peaceful means
I climbed a mountain, left the map
I kept you safe from hunter's traps
I wish I'd stayed to see you grow
Where you're at I'll never know
I'll check the caves to find your fur
And watch your young until you return

You left your young
Inspite of what they could become