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With my face lit by sun
Running from canyons
And my feet pointed straight towards home

Not just another summer day alone
With a face of fear and sweat,
And dirt in my lungs

My brother bleeding where I left him
'Til help could come

Is there any way that you could help me out right now?
Oh, great father
I know I've never truly prayed until right now
But what good is a doctor
My family used to settle on Mojave's grounds
Speak to me, speak to me
The voices of a past generation sound
And I'm forever grateful, I'm forever awed
I'm forever grateful, I'm forever awed

Don't you worry brother
I would die for you
He said, "Go get father,
head west with haste the sun sets soon"

If I die...
I won't die


from Mistakes In a Ghostly Home EP, released March 29, 2011




Everyone's Heart Harrisonburg, Virginia

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